Bahrain bans travellers from SARS hot zones


Bahrain has banned the entry of travellers from SARS hotspots in Asia. The ban covers Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have already banned the entry of travellers from these countries, while Kuwait and UAE are considering similar steps.

Bahrain's Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA) department said the ban covered passengers who had left these countries less than 10 days before their arrival in Bahrain. Airlines with flights to Bahrain were asked not to accept any passengers from these countries.

Sources said passengers bound for Bahrain would be asked to fill out a questionnaire that outlined their travels over the last 10 days prior to their arrival in Bahrain.

"The questionnaires will be available at the airport counters of airlines with flights to Bahrain and they will also be available at the airport's passport entry point," they said.

"Passengers who were in transit would have to prove that they had spent 10 days out of these countries or provide proof from the countries they are arriving that they are free from the disease."

The sources said in case passengers from these countries, or passengers with Sars arrive in Bahrain, authorities will admit them into isolation wards to ensure that they are not a danger to public health.