City to come alive with lights and revelry

The bridges of Dubai City ... The bridges will sport the DSF signage.

Residents of Dubai will soon open their eyes to a city decorated to greet the biggest shopping and entertainment extravaganza of the world, Dubai Shopping Festival on January 15, 2002.

The bridges and roads will sport the DSF signage adding cheer and bringing joy to the already festive ambience in Dubai.

Says Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, Events and Special Projects director, DSF, "The new campaign for the Festival will be fully visible to the residents of Dubai from December 1 onwards. The emphasis this year has been on the date and the theme of the Festival 'One World, One Family' with brilliant visuals of families enjoying DSF events and activities, the fireworks and the parades, mainly communicating the element of fun and emotions in a completely new creative format."

The signage within the city includes bridge banners, sponsor banners, megacoms, and back lit banners at streets, roundabouts, parks, bridges and roads.

Adds Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, "Dubai undergoes a visual transformation during the Festival with the most innovative decorations. Every year, it is a challenge to create new decoration for the city of Dubai during Dubai Shopping Festival but we have been able to achieve it successfully year after year. This Dubai Shopping Festival, people can expect to see a lot of creativity in the visual implementation of the campaign."

Forty buses, 45 bridge banners, 10 backlit signs and 40 hoardings are being installed exclusively with the new Dubai Shopping Festival campaign.

Added Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, "Although we started the installation of DSF logo signage in early September, the new outdoor advertising campaign with the new visuals will be put up only now."