The Palm hotels will offer 'escape tourism'

An artist's perspective of a Greek themed hotel.

Hotels on The Palm, Jumeirah will be able to choose from a range of 40 country themes and four styles of guest experiences proposed by the developers.

The combination of theme and type of guest experience at each hotel will ensure the development provides a unique form of escape tourism just off the Dubai coast, The Palm said.

Saif Sultan Al Shamsi, managing director - commercial for The Palm said: "We have had a tremendous response from hotels locally and from around the world interested in establishing hotels on The Palm, Jumeirah.

"Once these deals have been finalised the next stage for the hotels will be to decide what theme and style of guest experience they will offer."

"To assist in this decision making process Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock Architects (HHCP) have developed a variety of concepts for these themes and guest experiences."

The 40 themes suggested for the exclusive boutique hotels range from Greek to Taiwanese, New Guinean, Mexican, Hawaiian, Australian, Moroccan, Tahitian, Goan, Tanzanian, Balinese, Cuban, and Sicilian to name a few.

The four types of guest experience suggested to complement these uniquely themed hotels are 'tranquility', 'pampered', 'social' and 'health'.

The 40 themed hotels will be based on the crescent shaped island that surrounds most of The Palm. The back of the 'Crescent' will form a protective breakwater, and will be 11km in length and 200m in width.