TTN innovates

Prakash Bang heads the travel portal works exclusively with travel agents. It was the pioneer in introducing ‘multiple supplier single feed’ concept in the industry. It offers 87,410 unique properties across the world… in real time and at net rates.

Eleven innovations that sets distinctly apart:

1. De-duplication of inventory.

2. Room type mapping: an industry game changer – shows the room name exactly as the hotels call them.

3. Made-to-order XML feed.

4. Quotation generator: branded Q-Push, the feature helps the travel agent to submit quotations with property images and information via email directly from the roomsXML booking panel.

5. Retail interface: branded Retina – it’s a retail interface that allows the travel agent to confidently flip the screen to face their customers with predetermined mark-up.

6. Mobile interface for travel agents.

7. Online CRM: a ticket number ensures that a query remains on alert until resolved.

8. Preferred by agents: the ranking of the property goes up as more and more unique agents prefer that property. It’s like getting a reference from fellow agents; certainly more dependable.

9. Map-view search: search and view properties on an interactive map, based on location and budget.

10. Local currency commitment: mitigates the currency exchange risk.

11. B2C widget: branded FRAME, this widget instantly converts a static website into an active, money making B2C initiative.

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