Aseza offers free Jordan visa

Petra … a two-hour drive from Aqaba

AQABA in Jordan is a year-round seaside resort that is popular amongst all age groups. It has great weather throughout the year, hot and breezy in summer, warm and pleasant in winter.


What’s more, arrivals through Aqaba get a free entry visa, issued by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (Aseza). This free visa entitles travellers a one-month stay at the country but the travellers must leave via the same border point they entered at. Arrivals at King Hussein International Airport (KHIA), either through the port, the airport or at the border from Israel or Saudi Arabia, are granted a free visa to Jordan. There is no obligation associated with this visa, provided that passengers leave the country from the same border and within one month of arrival.

Apart from this, Aseza has several schemes such as offering $60 off of taxes on chartered flights to KHIA, a co-op marketing support programme with tour operators, and other subsidies and incentives aimed at increasing inbound tourism from traditional and new source markets. Aseza also subsidises regular airlines with $30 from the overall departure tax, which is $60 for each passenger departing from KHIA on all commercial flights.


Whether it is the exciting water sports from sailing to diving or immersing desert activities from camel safaris to Bedouin weddings or explorations in Petra, it’s all here in this desert oasis.

Local restaurants offer various specialties of Arabic and international cuisine. A downtown Souq area, in addition to a number of modern malls and shopping centres offer plenty of tax-free shopping options.

Aseza launched a new restaurant classification scheme in Aqaba, which aims to improve the quality of service offered to guests at tourism restaurants around Jordan.

The new standards are based on food and beverage quality, facility cleanliness, service efficiency and creating a hospitable and welcoming atmosphere.