Horse around in Iceland

ICE CAVE Iceland, the world’s largest man-made Ice Cap Glacier – Ice Cave, is due to open in Iceland in May 2015. The opening of the Ice Cave, will offer people a once in a lifetime adventure, to explore around, on and within the mighty Langjökull glacier, where they will be able to see the beautiful blue ice that lies at the heart of the glacier.

Ice Cave is rumoured to be a potential game-changer, one of the biggest and most unusual new tourist attractions to ever be built in Iceland. Visitors will embark on a weather dependent adventure (March to October); a unique journey into one of Iceland’s great wildernesses, a landscape reminiscent of the ice age. They will travel up the glacier to the ice cave, on incredible eight-wheel drive super trucks.


Icelandair Hotels caters to both tourists and business travellers, and provides accommodations suitable for every budget. Its premier chain, Icelandair Hotels, offers nine high-quality hotels and Edda Hotels, its 12 summer hotels. Icelandair Hotels are opening a new hotel Reykjavik Kultura in summer 2015.


The group has also recently opened Iceland’s only horse park, Fákasel Icelandic Horse Park, which is only around 30 min. drive from the country’s capital city Reykjavik and en-route to the main sights on the South Coast. Guests can mingle with locals, dine on fresh Icelandic food and, get to know Iceland’s unique breed of horse. The 45-minute long multimedia theatre Legends of Sleipnir, starring the Icelandic horse and actors, brings to life the story of the Icelandic horse, how its unique relationship with men has developed and the vital role it has played in Icelandic history and culture. The theatre is great fun for the whole family and children can enjoy the company of other domestic animals on the farm.

Geothermal baths should also be considered on the itinerary. Laugarvatn Fontana is a spa and wellness centre where one can experience authentic Icelandic nature while relaxing in the warm geothermal pools and natural steam rooms.

It is built atop natural hot springs and in the steam rooms, where allegedly one can even hear and smell the earth bubbling underneath their feet.