Cheli & Peacock is eco-friendly

Kitich Camp ... all solar power

CHELI & Peacock’s portfolio includes three of Kenya’s Gold eco-rated properties, three 100 per cent solar-powered camps.

Cheli & Peacock’s award-winning collection of boutique camps and lodges – The C&P Portfolio – continues to set the standard for sustainable tourism in Kenya.

The portfolio now boasts an three of Kenya’s 12 gold eco-rated properties. Elephant Pepper Camp, Joy’s Camp and, most recently, Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp have all been awarded this accolade by Ecotourism Kenya.

The Gold eco-rating is the highest level that can be awarded to camps and lodges. It demonstrates outstanding best practice and is awarded to those that demonstrate superior and replicable levels of excellence in responsible resource use, environmental conservation and socio-economic investment.

Tortilis Camp in Amboseli National Park became the first camp of a substantial size in Kenya  to operate 100 per cent on solar power, 24 hours a day. With Kitich Camp and Elephant Pepper Camp also operating on 100 per cent solar power, Cheli & Peacock are saving somewhere in the realm of 100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. This goes some way towards conserving Kenya’s beautiful and fragile habitats, ecosystems and – ultimately – its wildlife.