Managing Bahrain’s gateway to the world

STEMMING from the island’s leading position as a trading link between the Arabian Gulf and the rest of the world, Bahrain International Airport was the first airport to open in the gulf region. The first chartered flight landed in Bahrain in 1927, followed by regular commercial flights between UK and India from the 1930s.  Since then, Bahrain International Airport has served as a midpoint linking the East and the West.

Today, the airport caters to 38 airlines flying to 51 destinations world-wide. Established over a land area totalling 5.6 sq km, the airport accommodates approximately nine million passengers a year. 

Managed by Bahrain Airport Company, the airport is being run according to the highest international standards which ensure the delivery of efficient, secure, and comfortable travel experiences within friendly surroundings. In addition to the state-of-the art facilities, Bahrain International Airport offers a range of value-added services including: a free wi-fi access throughout the departure area, 84 common check-in counters including Economy, First Class, Special Handling Lounges and Transfer Desks, 57 remote stands, and air air bridge Contract Stands. 

Bahrain’s airport is also home to a number of key international cargo carriers, whereby 353,000 metric tonnes were handled in 2012. DHL is by far the largest cargo airlines at the airport, as it has made Bahrain International Airport its’ regional hub for the Middle East operations for more than 35 years. Other major players include Fedex, TNT Express, Aramex and Global Logistical Services (GLS). 

Bahrain Airport Company is currently undergoing infrastructural plans that will diversify, improve and expand the airport dramatically. They are in the final stages of the development, and they are anticipated to significantly bolster the airports standing as a regional hub when implemented.

The airport has also won various international awards, the most recent being SKYTRAX Award for the Middle East’s Best Airport Staff. This year also witnessed the re-launch of the official website for Bahrain Airport, which stands as the first point of access and a virtually a gateway to the country.