SpiceJet flies into Dubai

SPICEJET, India’s most preferred low fare airline, announced the launch of its Dubai operations with daily flights connecting the shopping hub of the Middle East to Delhi and Mumbai as part of the carrier’s continuing strategic expansion into international markets.

“Opening up Dubai is a milestone for us as it will offer us an opportunity to serve the large Indian and Western expatriate community along with the UAE citizens with an affordable flying option,” said SpiceJet chief executive officer Neil Mills.

Mills said Dubai is a significant addition to its portfolio of destinations and complements the airline’s strategy to connect more Asian points to SpiceJet routes. “Dubai is a key destination and connecting to this bustling cosmopolitan city will also add more value to our global prospects as the emirate’s busy airport is a corridor to Europe and Asia for global passengers,” he said.

SpiceJet currently operates in two international routes – Delhi-Kathmandu and Chennai-Colombo and Dubai is the third global destination of the airline. In the Indian domestic market, SpiceJet connects 34 points with a fleet of 42 aircraft flying over 40,000 passengers a day.

Mills said that as a low fare airline, SpiceJet’s pricing philosophy is to ensure affordable flight fares to its passengers. “Our endeavor would be to offer and maintain a competitive and affordable price structure throughout the year to make SpiceJet a preferred carrier for inbound and outbound passengers.”

The airline has set its sights on expanding its coverage in phases. “Some of the destinations we are looking to connect with Dubai at the Indian end are Kochi, Chennai and Hyderabad while in the Gulf we have Saudi Arabia as new point on our radar,” Mills said.