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Why innovation is key to success
April 2012 1794

THINKING globally, acting locally has our vision since we established the Vision Destination Management company with the aim of creating a reliable and professional partner to local and international operators in the region.

Innovation is the term that best describes us. Without doubt we count on the support of a great team, who have worked together for much longer than the two years since we have been established. It is a team of professionals with a deep knowledge of the destination and a commitment to excel.

Of course, we were led by an outstanding figure, our chairman and teacher Ali Abu Monassar, who has not only played a pivotal role in the development of our region, but who also has been able to earn for himself a unique and well-deserved reputation thanks to his personality and passion.

For sure we have been lucky. A good dose of fortune is essential in anything you do in life, something we are well aware of. Vision Destination Management shaped up when the global economic situation had not yet improved, but we were aware of our opportunities and needed a well-designed ship to go and grab them.

Overall, the key to our success has been our innovative way of conceiving things and delivering expectations. At Vision, we started from scratch, using a disadvantage as opportunity, then doing things our way.  We worked hard, day and night, to regain the confidence of our partners while we continued with aim of succeeding. What kept us going was a team atmosphere that was joyful, vibrant and passionate. Challenges arose, but we never lost our smile and belief in what we offered. That, simply, is our vision of how results should be achieved – with constant responsibility to meet our partners’ ambitions.

We invested in the latest technology to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry, but we took on board the traditional flexibility and optimism of the region we represent. There is no way we can anticipate how the industry will change in the years to come and if destination management companies will be considered essential to executing successful plans. But we have our own vision and we know that people can make a difference. We must now maintain and grow our capability.

Two years after our launch we have a successful operation in all segments: from cruises and leisure travellers to group bookings, incentives, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, concerts, charter operations and government delegations. This was the vision of a small motivated team that never stopped learning from each and continues to work in a simple but effective way.

* Anwar Abu Monassar is the director of operations and board member of Vision Destination Management

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By Anwar Abu Monassar

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