Egypt reaches out to the travel industry

Nour... plans to diversify markets and tourism products

AS one of the prominent and leading tourist destinations in the region and on an international level, Egypt participated in the opening ceremony of the International Travel Trade show in Berlin ITB 2012, as the first Arabic official partner of the event.

Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, the Egyptian Minister of Tourism said: “Egypt is proud to be one of the top tourist destinations in the region and on a global scale, and is honored be participating in ITB for the past 46 years.This year’s participation as the ITB Country Partner reflects the great importance that we in Egypt accord to German tourists, and our confidence in the strong potential of the German tourism flow to Egypt.”

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism also referred to the key timing of this year’s event, as it provides an important platform for conveying how the Egyptian tourism sector succeeded in reducing impacts resulting from recent political events.

In line with internal policies implemented to attain further stability in Egypt, records show that last year over 10 million tourists visited the country, generating revenue of $9 billion. These figures reflect efforts of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism in providing attractive products to tourists, and provide evidence to the fact that Egypt remains a safe destination for all tourists and visitors.

The Minister added: “More than 500 travel professionals and experts from Egypt are here in Berlin this week.  All of them; hoteliers, resort operators, tour operators, diving operators, air carrier specialists, and others from the tourism sector, came to present their vast array of products and services, that shape the travel experience of all the European tourists coming to Egypt.”

He also expressed his hope of achieving better results for the industry this year due to the efforts exerted by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and its commitment to continuously improve various touristic products and services through attracting tourists from new markets in several countries such as China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, along with diversifying the Egyptian touristic products through including religious tourism, eco-tourism, safaris and spa & wellness tourism. This is also being done through presenting special offers in Egyptian hotels and developing some new areas on the Mediterranean coast and in the Western Sahara. During his speech at the event, the Egyptian Minister of Tourism also announced the resumption of the Cairo to Aswan long Nile cruises which will allow tourists to be introduced to an essential part of ancient Egyptian civilization.

As partner country at ITB, Egypt is spreading the message of vitality and new beginning with the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic “ankh”, also referred to as the “key of the Nile” and “Egyptian cross” as their visual emblem.