A showcase of Romania

The Rodna Mountains in the Maramures region ... a scenic delight

Romania, reborn just 11 years ago in a revolution that freed it from the Communist grip, today presents a showcase of enduring splendours of its past.

And Romania, through its National Tourist Office, will be present at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai for the second time this year and attempt to raise awareness among Gulf and Middle East travellers about the country being an interesting market for investments in tourism.

"The ATM offers a very good opportunity to present our tourist attractions and capitalise on important business opportunities within the region," said Maria Iordache, director of the Romanian National Tourist Office in London.

The office will focus on spa cures at the ATM besides other products such as leisure and the capital city, Bucharest.

Transylvania, immortalised in legend, literature and films as the homeland of Dracula, is perhaps the best known tourist attraction of Romania where turreted gothic castles take you back in time.

But there are many other attractions - Bucharest which was once known as "Little Paris", miles of golden beaches on the Black Sea coast, the rugged wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube Delta, a watery wilderness of marshes, floating islands, birds, fish and wild animals.