Mövenpick goes green with solar cars

Trying out the new vehicle, from left, Huber, Dr Steven Collins.

WITH sustainability as a business priority, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea, Jordan, has become the first hotel in the Middle East to use solar-powered club cars for guest transportation within the property.

In 2010 the resort, which has been EMAS (European Union Eco Management and Audit Scheme) certified since 2008, invested in sustainable technology by installing a solar heating system, the latest technology of condensate gas boilers and water saving valves.

The latest investment went into the first two solar-powered club cars sold in the Middle East. Fully- charged cars operate up to seven hours with the energy provided by a solar cell roof. This is about three times as long as cars operating on the conventional rechargeable battery calculated over one month’s operation in this Arabic village resort which is nestled on a slope to the Dead Sea.

Resort general manager and regional manager Jordan, Bruno Huber said: “Our new club cars transport daily three times as many guests as the conventional model and we reduce our electricity bill – what an incredible win-win situation!”