Barhain waterparks make waves

TWO Bahrain waterparks have recently received international awards for their marketing efforts from the World Waterpark Association.

The awards are part of the Wave Review organised by the association, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year at its October Symposium and Trade Show in San Antonio, Texas, US, and 275 waterparks from around the world competed in multiple categories to showcase their abilities.

Wahoo Waterpark was recognised for the excellence of its email campaign and its posters in the advertising and promotional category and Lost Paradise of Dilmun triumphed in the marketing section for its print media and outdoor billboard advertising.

Participation in the awards was organised by the park’s head of marketing and public relations Adam Page who was also invited by the organisers to attend the symposium and speak as a marketing specialist.

He said: “It’s an honour to win these two awards and be asked to speak at this global gathering of similar parks and leisure attractions. I think it shows that though Bahrain is a small place, it can make a big impact with the standards it sets and strives to achieve.”

Sama Uchil, sales and marketing manager at Wahoo, said: “We are extremely proud to win the Wave Review Awards and to be recognised as the best in the industry by the World Waterpark Association. We feel doubly honoured to receive both these awards in our first year of operation.