Achieving the impossible

The concierge team

FOUR SEASONS Hotel Beirut offers more than just a place for pampered travellers to rest and unwind taking service to a higher, more exclusive level with a concierge team it claims can achieve the impossible.

Beirut is one of the world’s most exciting cities, yet it can be frustratingly difficult to navigate the best it has to offer with limited time. From VIP tables at premium restaurants to private guided outings, the Four Seasons team handles every request with efficiency and assurance and strives to make the impossible, possible.

The hotel’s concierge team is intricately linked to Beirut’s finest restaurants, shows and events to find the most sought-after tables, tickets and seats for guests. Dedicated to high-end service, the dynamic team – comprised of one man and three women – is the youngest concierge team in town and works with guests to provide tailored, end-to-end arrangements.

“It is true that concierges are like fine wines, the longer they grow, the wiser and more knowledgeable they become, but without passion they would not have even started their career,” says general manager Stefan Simkovics. “At Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, we have ensured that this ingredient − passion − topped with the right attitude was abundantly available when hiring the best concierges in town.

“Our concierge team doesn’t just understand the Lebanese scene, but is also a part of it. From the latest restaurants to the greatest clubs, chic shops to tickets to the most exciting cultural shows, you can bet that if it’s recommended by the concierge, then it’s a guaranteed hit.”

With more than half the team made up of ladies, Four Seasons Hotels applies its contemporary mindset and moves past the traditional view of the concierge being a ‘man’s job’. This uniquely hand-picked concierge team is composed of members who are young, dynamic and outgoing. And with time and experience the hotel believes its talented team members will become leaders in their field.